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Feast of Saint Claire

feu-artifice-nice-saint-paulFête patronale de la Sainte-Claire
Vendredi 11, samedi
 12 & dimanche 13 août 2017

From friday 11 august 2017 to sunday 13 august 2017
Feast of Saint Claire

From Friday 11 August 2017 to Sunday 13 August 2017

Every year, the people of Saint-Paul celebrate one of their patron saints: Sainte Claire. According to tradition, the event starts at Chapelle Sainte-Claire before unfurling throughout the village for 3 nights and 2 days. The party mood is palpable by evening time when the village dance starts on La Courtine. The climax is a magnificient firework display, with bonfires burning throughout the village.

 From Tuesday 8 August to Sunday 13 August, throughout the festivities celebrating Saint Claire, there is fun for young and old on Place du Jeu de Boules: merry-go-round, hook-a-duck, a sweet stall, candyfloss, churros and socca...